Friday, October 21, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi Dead, Assad Is Next, and then...

The revolution in Libya has come full circle with the death of Gaddafi.  Only time will tell what will become of this great country with diverse tribal loyalties and great oil wealth.  Post Gaddafi, one can only hope that the Libyans will stand united and take their nation on the path of development.  If they remain divided, they will be exploited by foreign hands.

Only when the benefits are shared by every countryman does a nation rise as a civilization.  Libyans should not  allow their country to become another India... where democracy is a hollow ring... where tokenism and corruption is a daily habit... where every politician is a dirty dictator.

In India, every 2 seconds a child dies somewhere hungry.
India's GDP is $1.8 Trillion.

I truly hope Libya doesn't become another India.

Death to Dicktraitors.

Long Live Revolution.