Saturday, May 8, 2010

26/11/2008 to 3/05/2010 - Kasab, Home Minister and the IJS

Home Minister: "The judgement is a message to Pakistan that they should not export terror to India. If they do and if the terrorists are apprehended, we will be able to bring them to justice and give them exemplary punishment."

Translation: "The judgement is a clear message to Pakistan that as long as the USA continues to back Pakistan both financially and militarily they can attack the Indian people at will via proxy war and continue to export terrorism without fear of reprisal from India (oh well if you want to be a party pooper by counting 'no dialogue stance' as a worthy sanction, go ahead).

If they do, which they are doing any way - as shown by their resilience on the border and evidenced by the German Bakery bomb blast - and if (and that's a BIG IF) we somehow get lucky and catch a surviving terrorist(s), we will lavishly accommodate him/her in the Indian Judicial System at the Indian Tax Payers expense. I am sure the Indian Tax Payers are minting money as easily as the rest of us politicians are, so they will not complain.

After a needlessly prolonged trial with many trivial twists and turns, the terrorist(s) will be handed down a just punishment, which will look good only on paper but will never be implemented, as you can see by our past record.

Meanwhile we will wait for your (Pakistan's) next batch of terrorists to pick a soft Indian target, in order to gain the release of the captured terrorist, who will be provided exclusive treatment during his/her stay, lest the Human Rights people raise a hue and cry due to their misplaced sympathies. Rest assured that in the ensuing bargain the captured terrorist will be flown Executive Class to an airbase of your choice with hefty foreign exchange thrown in (we are talking millions here).

Alternatively you can seek the custody of the said terrorist(s) for trial in your kangaroo courts and do with him as you please - acquit him in a sham trial and release him/her in the public to become a celebrated figure, pension him/her off to anonymity, stage his/her dramatic release by the extremists, remove him/her from the face of this earth or whatever else you fancy. However, this option is open only if the USA nudges us into submission (they are bullies them Americans).

Needless to say that the said terrorist(s) will be the safest individual on Indian soil during his/her stay."

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